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A Storehouse of Knowledge requires that all templates be listed here for reference. See also this software-generated list of templates.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • One-use-only templates. In order to move a large table off an article page, it may be put in a sub-page and included in the parent page as a template. As it is used on that page only, it does not need to be listed here.
  • Signature templates. Signature templates are not allowed to be transcluded, but may be substituted. As they are for a single person's use, they need not be listed here.
  • User boxes. User boxes are listed at User boxes.

Templates are expected to conform to the Template style manual.

Category trees

Each list of templates below also has an expandable category tree of templates in that category. This is a house-keeping tool to check that all the templates are listed here. However, it does rely on the templates themselves being given correct categories.


Two sandpit template pages are available for testing:

After you have finished testing your template(s), please clear the content of these pages.

Article templates


Formatting templates(1 C, 13 P)
Name Notes
clear Forces following content to begin below this point. Used to prevent text wrapping around a box. No parameters.
cquote Centered quote with fancy (large) quotation marks left and right. OBSOLETE: Use {{quote}} or {{pull quote}} instead.
date Formatting and standardisation of dates. The one parameter is the date in most readable forms.
lowercase Causes the article name to begin with a lower-case letter. No parameters.
pull quote Quote in large text to highlight some text from the article. Apart from the quote itself, optional parameters are for source, width, and alignment.
quote Barebones quote with indented smaller-typeface text, an optional small bold citation, and an optional reference.
Railway date Returns a single table row for a {{Railway date table}} template. It has multiple parameters.
Railway date table Outline for a table of railway dates. The main parameter takes a series of {{Railway date}} templates.
tt Formats the one parameter like this.
SMW essay list Formats the SMW queries used on the List of essays

Boilerplate text

Name Notes
disambig Intro text for disambiguation pages. Optional parameter included to change the default title used in the text.
enc The word 'encyclopædia'. An optional case parameter allows for title case or all caps.
ext warn Content warning for external links. The one parameter is either the text of the warning, or one of the code words evo, relig, anti, or lang.
not health advice Warning that this encyclopædia should not be relied on for medical advice.
sitename "A Storehouse of Knowledge".
weekly verse The weekly verse that is on the main page. It takes no parameters.


Link templates(3 P)
Name Notes
essay On articles, a link to an essay. Required parameters are the author's name and the essay title. See also under Headings for use on essay pages.
main A sentence indicating that more information can be found by following the link. The one parameter is the linked article.
tl A short link to a template. The one parameter is the template name.

Information (data) boxes

Information boxes contain basic data that can be seen at a glance.

Information templates(1 C, 22 P)
Name Notes
article Information about the article itself. It takes one parameter (at present).
attribution Attribution of content copied from other sites. Passed as a parameter to {{article}}
Australian Parliament Information about a particular Australian parliament.
BHC Speical-purpose information box for use on the Research:Belgrave Heights Convention page. There are several, mostly optional, parameters.
biography Biographical information. It has numerous parameters, including other templates.
band Information about bands
country Information about countries
elements Information about chemical elements
etymology Etymology, pronunciations, and/or alternative spellings of words, particularly article titles. The one required parameter is the text.
math-level Information about the level of expertise needed with a mathematics article
musician Information about musicians
planet Information about planets
railway line Information about a railway line, with optional map. Numerous optional parameters.
railway station Information about a railway station, with optional map. Numerous optional parameters. NB: template still under development
world leaders Infobox on current and former world leaders


Name Notes
essay On user pages, indicates that the page contains an essay. Parameters provide an essay category and an optional description. See also under Links for use on articles.
research Indicates that the page is a research page. It has no parameters.


Timeline templates(5 P)
Name Notes
timeline bar The base template for timelines. Its main parameter is for {{Timeline section}} templates, unless the optional marker parameter is set, in which case it's main parameter is for {{Timeline marker}} templates.
timeline marker Produces a time marker in a timeline. It has several parameters
timeline percent Returns a percentage representing the distance parameter 1 is from the start (parameter 2) compared to the end (parameter 3).
timeline section Produces a bar representing a period of time in a timeline. It has several parameters.
World timeline A timeline of world history with a biblical timescale. Optional parameter allow items to be added to the timeline.

Article problems

Name Notes
check Ask somebody to verify (with sources) the accuracy of a claim that is probably correct.
fact? Question the accuracy of a claim that seems to be incorrect.
fact General request for sources when a claim is complex or specific enough to require one.
jargon To mark an article that uses too much jargon.
stub The article is very short and should be expanded.
who Ask for somebody to either find the person, or give more details on the persons making a claim.
speedy-author The author or only contributor has requested the page be deleted.
biased The subject of the article may be presented in a biased or subjective manner.


Problems templates(3 P)
Name Notes
merge Suggest to merge one article into another one. The one parameter is the name of the other article (will be linked automatically).
move Request to rename a page because of incorrect spelling, case or for disambiguation
speedy Request speedy deletion of obvious vandalism/parody that is beyond repair, or user (sub)pages at request of user.

Notes and references

Name Notes
Bibleref An "incomplete" Bible reference (e.g. v.16) can be used by RefTagger. At least one parameter is required.
fn A primary footnote in an article. The two un-named parameters are the source ID (see {{source}}) and (optionally) the page number(s).
note A footnote in an article. The one parameter is the footnote text.
note list Inserts the Notes section, the text of all footnotes for the page, in a smaller typeface.
ref A reference in an article. The one parameter is the reference. This is an encapsulation of <ref>reference</ref>
reflist Inserts the References section, the content of all references, in a smaller typeface and with optional multicolumn support.
source Declares a source, for subsequent referencing by {{fn}}. It has three named parameters: ID, short, and long.

Reference templates

These template provide a shortcut to references to particular publications.

Reference templates(3 P)
Name Notes
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis Reference to Michael Denton's book. Parameters are edition and page, although only the first U.S. edition is currently catered for.
Origin of Species Reference to Darwin's Origin of Species. Parameters are edition and page. The reference includes a link to the book on the The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online web-site. See the template page for some limitations.
VR to '62 Reference to Leo Harrigan's book on the history of the Victorian Railways. The one parameter is page.


Name Notes
author A linked author name which displays with the first name last. Parameters are author's names.
concordance Links to the article's title in an online Bible concordance.
inuse Temporary note that the article is currently being edited a lot.
years ago Inserts the number of years that have passed since year X.
excerpt Holds a collapsed excerpt from a source, for use on research pages. The one parameter is the excerpt text.

Navigation boxes

Name Notes
Books of the Bible Bottom navigation box for articles on books of the Bible.
Taxonomy navbox Navigation boxes for articles on taxonomic nomenclature. No parameters.

User page templates

User page templates(5 P)
Name Notes
member An information box for a site member. It has multiple parameters.
userboxtop The top and bottom of a holding box for one's userboxes.
userboxbottom The top and bottom of a holding box for one's userboxes.
Member voting Used for voting a non-member into membership. There are three required parameters.
nomessages adds a (no) new messages banner

See User boxes for user boxes.

Talk page templates

Talk page templates(10 P)
Name Notes
archive Link to an archive page. The archive number and date are parameters.
civility warning Notice of a civility breach. There is one required and several options parameters. NOTE: This template may only be used by an Umpire.
ontopic Reminder that article talk pages are not debate forums about the article's subject. It has no parameters
talkheader Variation of {{ontopic}}. It has no parameters
tq A talk-page quote of another user. The one parameter is the quote.
tqb A talk-page quote of another user. The one parameter is the quote. This one flashes on some browsers.
tqbb A talk-page quote of another user. The one parameter is the quote. This one flashes tiny pink text (on some browswers)! Even more irritating than tq!
unsigned For attributing a comment on a talkpage to a user who forgot to sign. The one parameter is the user name.
welcome For welcoming a new user. It has no parameters

Archive page template

Name Notes
archive An archive banner. It has no parameters. It automatically links to previous and next archives in the series.

Licensing templates

Copyright templates(13 P)
Name Notes
CC-by‎ Creative Commons Attribution
CC2-by‎ Creative Commons Attribution
CC-by-sa-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
FAL Free Art License
GFDL‎ GNU Free Documentation License
License unknown License unknown
PD-ineligible Ineligible for copyright
PD-old‎ Public domain because copyright expired
PD-old-Aus Public domain because copyright expired of pre-1955 Australian photograph
PD-released‎ Released into public domain by copyright holder
PD-self‎ Released into public domain by uploader

Templates for templates


Name Notes
data block Boilerplate text for a data block
linked parameters Boilerplate text for linked parameters
parm An entry in a an information box, listing the details of one template parameter. Several parameters are required.
parms An information box for the list of parameters. The one optional parameter is a list of parm templates. If omitted, indicates that there are no parameters.
Reference template doc An information box for documenting a reference template. It takes one parameter, the references tag name.
td The template used for entries on this page. Parameters are the template name and explanatory information.
tdtop The template used as a header for tables on this page. It takes one parameter, a part name of the template category for the list.
Template doc An information box for documenting a template. It has several parameters.


Name Notes
! Inserts pipe character in templates.
!- Inserts line break in templates.
1 of 2 Returns the first parameter if supplied, else the second. An optional third parameter overrides the default Wikilinking of the first parameter.
2 if 1 Returns paramater 2 if parameter 1 is not empty.
As SMW property Returns parameter 1 as an Semantic MediaWiki property specified in the other parameter
Date spans Classed span-tagged formatting of dates. Called by {{Date}}.
Linked value Returns the passed parameter as a Wikilink, unless the parameter contains the string ]]. An optional second parameter becomes the displayed text of the link.
Quote paragraph Used by {{Quote}} to return each paragraph, with source and reference appended if it's the last paragraph.
T row if Inserts a two-column table row if and only if one of two particular parameters are provided.

Base templates

These templates are designed to be the basis of other templates, to save repeating the same code over numerous templates.

Base templates(6 P)
Name Notes
archive (archive page) One of two templates used by {{Archive}}. This has no parameters
archive (talk page) One of two templates used by {{Archive}}. This has an archive number and date as parameters
bio base Base template for biographical info boxes.
place Base template for a geographical place.
problem Base template for tags like [this one].
userbox A smaller text box meant to contain one piece of information about a user.
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